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About Me

Darin Ramzinski

I’ve worked for more than 30 years in the technology sector. I’ve spent time as an application developer, system administrator, website designer, providing customer support and managing a team of software support technicians and implementing new systems and managing a team of implementation engineers. I tend to describe my wide skill-set as a jack of all trades (master of none).

On the personal side, I like to spend time with my family, being outdoors, hunting, fishing, cooking, genealogical research, antique shopping and generally most things related to technology and computers. When a family member is having issues with their computer, they typically call me for help first.

If you wish to send me donations of some kind or have crypto-coins that you no longer want, use the following crypto-coin addresses below to send me what you want. At the moment, I have no idea what I will do with them, but I can always find something useful or applicable.

Bitcoin:  1ChtWqpo924gfiDPAYhE6WdfSXvKE8cwLa
Doge:     DGqz46mSSRxyCiPyu8gneGoGKfecZoVvLF
Ethereum: 0x8833Bb2e9F9713c964641420fe6153b132635c17
Litecoin: LWvqn48dDgJjvWuYLggXNXhRekHbQAvAc1
Monero:   4ADFMw8yR9STTZiW8d7Mxs7McJubKWyy8ckUUbGTCAXX7kHbkCkA8JR8nwo5cgLFKRExeiAiMK4S5daJeBLUybMo5cXSYBW
Ripple:   rU6tWqFo9phgC5DPwY6NaWdCSXvKN3cAL2
ShibaInu: 0x8833Bb2e9F9713c964641420fe6153b132635c17
Tether:   0x8833Bb2e9F9713c964641420fe6153b132635c17

Any donations you send me should not be considered tax deductible nor will I send you any kind of receipt afterwards.

Darin Ramzinski