Weird Flavored Chips

Ever have any weird flavored potato chips? My wife and I decided to try some. Some were good and some not so good.

Here are some I think you should try, that is if you like these flavors to begin with:

Our baby is home

It pains me to think about having put one of our 4-legged furbabies down, but that was a hard decision we had to make recently. Today we got her ashes back and she is with us and her siblings again.

Tonight will be a somber night for us on most levels, but at least our baby is back home. I miss you Berkeley and I’m sorry we had to make that difficult decision.

IMG 1903

Today is the day!

Today is the day for our 4th annual crawfish boil and fish fry. All the setup and prep work is done. With a cool front having blown in, we aren’t sure what the weather is going to do. Hopefully it won’t rain and the wind won’t be too strong. It might be a little too cool for the little ones to play outside though. We’ll have to see.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone today.

What was your first computer?

What was your first computer? When someone asks you this question, how do you answer? Is it the first computer you ever owned or is it the fist computer that you worked on?

For me, the first computer I ever used was a RadioShack TRS Model 80 (aka The Trash 80). A year later, my parents bought my brother and I our first computer…a Commodore 128. We had many years of reliable operation from the Commodore 128 until we graduate to our first 8088 4MHz/8MHz PC.

Walking down computer memory lane brings back lots of good memories and fun times.

I hope you can remember your first computer and hopefully you have some good memories with it.

Happy Birthday Ona!

Happy early birthday Ona! We had fun celebrating your birthday today, even though your birthday is Tuesday. It was nice spending the day in San Antonio with everyone and seeing everyone. Ireland had a great time playing in the yard, visiting with everyone and seeing her Nono and Nanas.

Ona, it was a great idea to make the cheese bread and tomato slices with avocado, basil and balsamic. Moa and Carolina, you did a great job cooking the meat. I love the Brazilian method of cooking the tri tip.

A fun time was had by all and everyone enjoyed the food and festivities.

A Great Saturday

I had a great Saturday. I went to the hunting lease to pull back some supplies I left there from last deer season. My mother-in-law went along for the ride and we had a great time. We found several cool looking rocks as well as several interesting cedar stumps that would make good yard decorations.

After getting back home, I had a fantastic dinner with my family and spent an hour sitting around the chiminea with my beautiful wife and a few beers.

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